Your communication strategy helps you tell your story. Our social media strategy will develop your brand.

Additionally, it can increase your website traffic and sales. A social media strategy defines how your business uses social media to achieve its communications aims. It identifies the best social media platform and tools for your business.

Our social media strategy will develop your brand awareness and build relationships with clients.

Why use social media?

You may not feel you need social media. However many customers use social media as their first point of contact with a business. If they can’t find you on Facebook or Twitter, perhaps they can find your competitors?

Marketing through social media channels is growing rapidly. Not only does social media give you a marketing platform, but it also allows you to talk with a wide audience and show that you’re a forward thinking business.

Why you need a social media strategy

Your social media strategy is a simple statement of what you want to do. It also sets out your goals and objectives for using social media, Additionally, it defines the outcomes you want to achieve. It puts your social media in the context of your communications strategy. As a result, your social media works for and with your other communication channels.

Your social media needs structure and strategy. Without it,  you could be wasting time and effort on communications that have no clear message or purpose.

Find out more from Sprout Social about creating a winning media strategy.

Why you need a Digital Hive social media strategy

We can provide you a detailed social media strategy. This will make the best use of your social media. As well as creating and managing your social media content, we can also make sure your content has strategic context.

Your Digital Hive social media manager keeps you up to date with all the latest social media news. Additionally, they make sure your content sticks to all the rules of each social media platform.

We’ll give you access to monthly reports. These include analytics data from each platform. In addition, the reports show you how much traffic is coming back to your website.  This tells you which platforms are bringing in the most revenue. So, we can track which types of content people are engaging with over others. Then we use this information to make changes to your content if necessary.

Why you need social media management

Digital Hive can manage all your social media accounts and create posts for your business. We will respond to customer queries and grow your follower base. This saves you time and builds your brand online. As a result, you have more time to concentrate on running your business.

We’ll provide you with a detailed strategy and a plan of action. Before creating your content, we do research to identify trends, audiences and target markets. We then create the right content and a strategic way to deliver it.


Your social media manager

Your dedicated Digital Hive social media manger can develop a social media strategy that is specific to your business. They will create a monthly content calendar. You can review and discuss this before content is posted. Your social media manager will prepare monthly reports for you to review. You can also contact them any time to discuss changes.

At Digital Hive, we like to be social. Being social makes us smart, friendly and connected. And we can help you be social too. Contact us to find out more about social media management pricing.

Prices start from as little as £50 per month.