Content improvement is a quick and easy way to update your website. Whatever business you’re in, your audience wants web content that’s organised, engaging, problem-solving and relevant.

Organise and improve your content

We make content improvements by organising what you already have. First of all, we organise your content to make it easier for your audience to use. We introduce headers, bulleted lists and numbered lists. In addition, we make sure your grammar and punctuation are perfect. Finally, we check for broken links and also check that you use the correct links for your content.

Content improvement that tell a story

We improve your content by making it more interesting. You may have all the facts and figures, but does your website tell a story that keeps your audience interested? We use stories and anecdotes to make your content more compelling. In addition, we create case studies and testimonials that help you connect with your audience.

Content that offer solutions

Your content improvement should offer more than words – it must offer solutions. We make sure your content is positive and gives a clear understanding of the problem your users have. Furthermore, we check that it answers common questions and offer answers to problems. 

In the moment

The biggest content improvement you can make is to keep your content current. Out-dated content reduces traffic to your site. Fresh, new and changing content is a great way to attract visitors and keep them coming back to your site. So we review your website to find and remove old, irrelevant and incorrect information. Additionally, we give you guidance on producing new content. We can also suggest new topics for your web content and your social media channels. We can even create this content for you and manage your social media.

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